Classes 6 and 7 now have bold new Isuzu trucks, redesigned with a focus on the driver. The new Isuzu F-Series will give buyers the storied benefits of a low-cab forward design coupled with the power and durability of a Cummins engine. It’s a powerful combination that isn’t for the faint of heart.

The new Isuzu F-Series has been redesigned to enhance the driving experience. The updated styling and interior enhancements coupled with superb manoeuvrability and visibility makes sure this is not your run-of-the-mill medium-duty truck.

New Look – The new LED headlamps and daytime running lights quickly catch the eye of oncoming drivers and onlookers. The new matte silver grille is as subtle as it is sleek and enhances the Isuzu F-Series trucks’ refined exterior.

New Feel – The cab has a new dual-tone gray trim with gray and blue cross-pattern seating that gives it a warmer and livelier feel.

Not Run of the Mill – Isuzu trucks are known for their superb visibility and manoeuvrability. With less forward mass, a 50° inner wheel cut, large windshield and higher seating position, these benefits enhance safety while making the truck easier to drive. Drivers have a clearer view of the proximity to objects in front of the truck and better turning diameter for navigating tight quarters. These benefits and more make the Isuzu F-Series a great choice for your next truck!

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Technical Specifications